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  Carrera most excellent and best-selling eyewear brand in the world. It has made its mark in 1950. However, most of the '70s and' 80s design is what caught hundreds of millions buy fake ray bans online of people worldwide attention. It is very popular among the most famous brand and the elite.
  According to the Austrian sport Eievear brand, Carrera and Carrera Panamericana inspired by William's anger. This was in 1956, and then a few years later the company was renamed and began to develop Optil international ski mask and goggles motorcyclist. It is dedicated to the role of sport. In 1960, much work has been completed for products from Vilhelm own material and dimensional stability. In 1974, the company changed its name CARRERA international and has his headquarters in Traun, Austria. fake ray bans for sale Then go to Alekander Ferdinand partnership with a designer of vehicles in order to further progress in the Porsche Carrera Sunglasses collect various sponsorship of sports events such as Formula One racing and the Olympics in 1980.
  Later in 1990, Safilo Group acquired the company, as well as the transfer of the headquarters in Padua, Italy. Since then, the popular sport Carrera glasses and various other celebrities hit. The brand fake ray bans for clubmaster name was inspired by car racing throughout Latin America, "La Carrera Pan Americana.
  The slogan of the brand is very interesting, and in accordance with their sale of products and target groups. "Racing sunglasses" is a slogan, it gives motivation and efficiency attractive and very cool customer at the same time.
  Carrera framework provides high quality fake ray bans the following range of colors: pink / white, green / Havana and black / yellow, purple / white, white / blue and orange / black. Statement by the leading brand style retro, that's what makes sunglasses.
  The target audience of the brand is what young men and women who need it, who wants to experience something in life, and that for every kind of adventure. Carrera is an adventure, spontaneity, excitement and thrill.
  Brand is a welcome celebrity fake ray bans glasses, they often find a variety of daily activities, sporting events to show their pair of glasses Carrera. As Paris Hilton, Madonna and other celebrities wearing sunglasses Carrera. Brand has not yet taken the music industry works industries. Hollywood is full of love Carrera brand as your personality. Gwen Stefani, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, they find Carrera sunglasses. The brand has sponsored video and music album Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Usher and so on.
  Glasses have style truth. Retro style and good material. Multilayer and tilt lens color its features. They ensure that customers look elegant and chic sunglasses, which put a lot of effort, not only in material but also the brand design and style Eievear.
  Logo of the brand appears in glasses ears fake ray bans online bars, so that the market distinguishes by false brand. Carrera Sunglasses have different models, such as the Carrera Carrera Champions 34,37,38, etc, they are mainly used for sports, which has the advantage of movement on it. It does because it has professional work in the style of World Records, and since then has produced a unique style, such as pilots, they are reinvented aviator, which are favored by the majority of customers, it gives them an exciting experience.